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Reviews of UK Travel Planning

Reviews of UK Travel Planning.

We have collated a selection of reviews of UK Travel Planning from our readers, listeners and Facebook group members. We have also included reviews of our products and services.

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Reviews of UK Travel Planning

Facebook Group

“This group is amazing!  Thank you, Tracy and Doug, for the insights and tips.”


I very much appreciate all you provide through this Facebook group, your 2 websites and your podcast. I love to research everything, Google is my friend. 
That is how I found this group. Tracy McConnachie Collins you are a treasure! Cheers to UK and London UK and London travel planning.

Robbie W


Your FB group/website has the absolute best travel information I have ever seen/read!

Teri F


I recently joined the group and have learned so much in a couple of days….how did I ever live without this group lol



A full day in York! Thank you and UK and London Travel planning for the help in guiding our trip to York and the northern part of England. It was a day to remember!

Clifford J.


We are just back from our first trip to the UK. We all had an amazing time and I would like to thank Tracy and Doug for running this page and answering all my questions. You guys are great!

Heather V


We are having an amazing trip thank you very much for all of you in this group for all your help and support!

Michelle H


I just wanted to give a huge Thank You to Doug,Tracy, & everyone who has posted and commented in this group!! I arrived in London yesterday at The Gatwick airport and took two trains to my hotel! I was slightly nervous about doing it but it was easy and I loved it! I bought my Oyster card ahead of time and researched my trains that I needed to take. Thank you again everyone!! I felt very prepared and day one was a huge success!!

Monica K


We will be heading back to Britain in September of next year. We will always turn to you both for guidance. You were absolutely the most useful resource we had.

Clifford J


Hi there! My wife and I just returned from our incredible UK rail adventure and are so thankful for all the help from Tracy & Doug. This group is amazing, as is their website where we found the 2-week “best of Britain by rail” itinerary they provided. It let us see a lot in a short time without feeling rushed at all. Thanks again! 🇨🇦

Mason B

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Itinerary Review Service

Highly recommend this service. Tracy and Doug helped us so much with our trip, and the Zoom meeting was fantastic we felt like we were friends at the end. A wealth of knowledge. Certainly helped us plan a smooth trip.

Wendie Hume


I highly recommend using this service. Tracy and Doug really helped us finalize all of our loose ends with our trip planning. Answering all the confusing questions we had about train travel, car rental and additional points of interests. Then giving us additional Information based on our itinerary stops. Example as soon as they seen we were spending time in Lakenheath they asked us more questions if it was military related…it was so Doug recommended other WWll airfields to visit on our southern drive by car from Portsmouth to Dover. No guide book can give this personalized information.

Another game changer was the train travel. You can swim in information you read but Doug & Tracy helped find us the best train options. Including where to sit on the train so we didn’t miss the views! This can make a difference so you know your trip is solid and not filled with holes that you were HOPING worked out when you got there!

The PDF they send you after your meeting is detailed including everything you discussed with links to the websites and if you’re like me with my note-taking this is huge! Also, follow-up questions I had after the fact were welcomed and addressed right away! I just can’t tell you how helpful this was!

Lori Andrews 


I too would like to highly recommend this service! I have found Tracy and Doug to be very thorough and gave me serious peace of mind! They do an amazing job and I was seriously impressed with their genuine kindness and support! I am traveling for three weeks in June of 2022.

Thanks to Tracy and Doug, I feel very confident in my plan and that any changes that needed to be made to make it easier and more realistic have been reviewed. They really are providing a great service!

Tina Lou Lang

Florida USA


We booked with Tracy and Doug and it was fantastic. One, they’re awesome people, but they really helped us with our itinerary and train schedule. Then they answered tons of our “dumb” questions 🤪 They really boosted our confidence and gave us peace of mind. Take advantage of their expertise!

Liz A



Do yourself a favour and have Tracy and Doug help you plan your trip to the UK. Through their itinerary planning service, we were able to narrow down our southern England trip to a manageable number of stops while still experiencing a variety of English settings.

They found us a lovely place to stay on the coast when most hotels were booked, gave us sound advice on how to travel on a bank holiday, and even emailed us days later about the availability of Uber in Salisbury after consulting with a friend who lives there. Meeting with Tracy and Doug on Zoom was like talking with friends. They really listened to what we wanted. 

Their suggestions have given us great peace of mind as we head overseas. 

Maryann and Eileen



I’m not sure if Tracy and Doug have any spots left right now, but I just have to say the itinerary review service they offer is awesome!  This is our third attempt to visit the UK in as many years, so our itinerary has changed and grown quite a lot since 2020.  It was incredibly helpful to have two new sets of eyes to check it out!

First, the Zoom meeting itself was so much fun.  I felt like I was talking to old friends the entire time.  They had clearly looked at every single day of our itinerary (almost 4 weeks worth!) and were well versed in our plans.

This trip is a huge investment of time and money for us and I felt so much more confident in our plans after our conversation.  They told me when things looked good, they gave me constructive feedback when things looked like they could be tweaked for improvement and they gave me lots of new information and suggestions that I could incorporate into our plans.

Another great thing is that they follow up with an organized, electronic document that includes everything they discussed with you along with links to useful websites.  This allows you to focus and enjoy the conversation without worrying about trying to write everything down at the same time.

I have made a few changes due to their feedback and have added a few things as well.  The amount of knowledge they have between them is impressive and I am now more confident than ever that we are ready for this long-awaited trip!

I highly recommend this unique service that they offer!

Rob Bruns

Missouri, USA


I just want to say how fabulous this site and Tracy & Doug have been in helping us plan our trip. This is my first overseas adventure and I did the itinerary challenge, followed by the itinerary review.

The advice and local knowledge Tracy and Doug provided in the itinerary review saved us heaps of time and unnecessary miles, and their suggestions were spot on with our interests. We have just finished finalising everything. Now we wait for September!! Beyond excited. Thank you so much Tracy and Doug!

Kate and Sally



The itinerary consultations are SO WORTH IT! I research everything and consider myself a dedicated planner, and the consultation with Tracy and Doug was invaluable. You will not regret it – it truly is a personalized concierge service.

Kathryn Johnson

Chicago, USA

Thank you so much to everyone on this site (especially Tracy and Doug Collins) for all of your help and guidance in planning! If you are planning, reach out to Tracy & Doug for an itinerary review – it was invaluable!!

Amy P – New York

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Podcast review for UK Travel planning.
Podcast review for UK Travel planning.


Very helpful!

This podcast has been extremely helpful in planning my upcoming visit to the UK later this year. Many good tips and recommendations and a fun listen.

gilmour093 from the United States


Can’t Wait

What a terrific podcast. I absolutely love the “insider” information on York. In fact, really balanced show. There was some touristy “must sees” and some out-of-the-way, locals-only info. Love it. Thank you

JGT37z from the United States


Great inspiration for a short stay in London

Listen and get great inspiration for a short stay in London ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dorthe_76 from Denmark

So helpful! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love the UK Travel Planning podcasts! We were in London last year and will be in Ireland and Scotland next year and these podcasts (and her Facebook page) are SO helpful! Any questions you may have about train travel or afternoon teas or tours are answered in detail. No need for a travel agent when you have this podcast at your disposal!


I am emailing to thank you for your podcast. You have hit the nail on the head! My husband and I will be traveling to England in late August for two weeks and your format is informative and fun. You dig deeper and give great tips/advice that will be very useful.

Also, your podcast is CURRENT!!! I am only interested in a travel blog from 2022, as it is a different world we now live in. I have only listened to 3 episodes, as I am savoring them.

Therese Schumacher – USA

Re: Introduction to the UK Travel Planning Podcast

This is the best UK trip planning podcasts I have found! I really enjoyed the information on the trains as it makes it seem less overwhelming to use them as we tour. It is awesome that they are actually interviewing people who live in the location such as York. You really get a locals perspective so its not just based on “touristy” stuff. I am definitely going to use the restaurant suggestions!

All I can say is I want MORE! Please?!

Tina Lou Lang from the United States

Hi Tracy, listened to your podcast yesterday. Very helpful and easy to listen to.

Thank you for the time you put into this FB group, podcast and website to help everyone have the best experience.




Love this info!!! Thank you!

Nickname8691 from the United States


Entertaining and highly informative

This podcast highlighted “not to miss” areas of York as well as hidden gems. York seemingly has treasure behind and beyond every corner and Tracy expertly led this discussion into those joys.

Yorklover07/djh from the United States


Introduction to train travel

This podcast was helpful for a first time train traveler. Thank you!

love the isles from the United States

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Guide to UK Train Travel

I just purchased this ebook a few days ago and am reading through it. Already feel like I have a better handle on the UK railway system. Thank you for creating this!


“This e-book is exactly what we needed to begin planning our trip to the UK.  The last time we were in the UK we stayed in London sightseeing and then joined a tour group to travel through Southern England.  That was fantastic, but we couldn’t stay as long as we would like at many of the locations.  This time we wanted to tackle it ourselves but didn’t feel up to the task of driving the UK, so thought we’d do it by Train.  Great idea, but we didn’t know where to start.  I was thrilled to discover Doug and Tracy’s Facebook page and was even more thrilled when I discovered they were putting out a book on this topic – Guide to UK Train Travel. 

I picked up a copy as soon as it dropped and I’m so glad I did.  It gives all the information of how train travel through the UK works, the stations, and where they take you.  It has lots of awesome itineraries that you can adjust to where you want to go and to your own pace.  

One of the best things is that it is an e-book with links to all the pertinent information.  Purchasing tickets, sights in each city, hotels, restaurants, itineraries.  When things change, as they always do, Doug and Tracy are able to easily update links and information that has changed and redrop the book, so you always have the most up-to-date information available.

We’re travelling with another couple, and they picked up a copy of the book, as well.  Even if you can’t go on a trip in the near future, it’s a super fun way to spend some time daydreaming for the future!

If you have any plans to visit the UK and want to venture out of London without having to drive it yourself, this is the book for you!”


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