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Episode 84 – Exploring London’s Walks Tours with Ground Operations Manager Charley Bennett

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In episode 84 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast Tracy is joined by Charley Bennett, the ground operations manager for Walks Tours in London. Charley shares her extensive background in travel and working in the tour industry.

She discusses what makes Walks Tours special, their small group philosophy, and exclusive access to iconic sites.

Charley highlights some of Walks Tours’ most popular tours in London, including the “London in a Day” tour, the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London and the Westminster Abbey with Jubilee Galleries Tour. This episode also unveils 2 new tours for 2024. The Harry Potter and Warner Studios tour which launched on January 20th and a new Buckingham Palace tour launching in March.

Tracy and Charley end the episode with a valuable tip for first-time visitors to London. Stay tuned for next week’s reflection on Walks Tours experiences by Tracy and Doug in episode 85!


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Episode 84 – Show Notes

Timestamped Overview

  • 00:00Traveled extensively, took on leadership roles in tourism.
  • 05:00Exclusive small group tours with special access.
  • 08:45 London day tour covering all iconic sights.
  • 12:43Westminster Abbey and Diamond Jubilee Galleries tour.
  • 15:36Tour links iconic buildings with a licensed guide.
  • 20:12New 2024 Harry Potter Warner Studios tour
  • 23:46Tracy thanks Charley for the great podcast episode.

Key Topics and Bullets


  • – Podcast introduction and overview
  • – Introduction of Tracy Collins as the host
  • – Introducing guest Charley Bennett from Walks Tours in London

Charley Bennett’s Background and Work with Walks Tours

  • – Charley’s background as a professional dancer and travel enthusiast
  • – Charley’s transition to becoming a tour guide in the UK
  • – Charley’s roles and experiences in tour management and operation before joining Walks Tours
  • – Charley’s positive experience working with Walks Tours and the company’s unique approach to tours

What Makes Walks Tours Special

  • – Walks Tours’ philosophy of exploring through walking
  • – Emphasis on small group tours for a more exclusive experience
  • – Special access to iconic sites, including skip-the-line and out-of-hours access
  • – The use of Blue Badge licensed guides to enhance the tour experience
  • – Walks Tours’ growth and expansion to over 14 cities with over 600 guides globally

Popular Tours in London Offered by Walks Tours

  • – Overview of the “Full London in a Day” tour
  • – Description of the “Complete Tower with River Cruise” tour
  • – Highlighting the “Westminster Abbey and Diamond Jubilee Galleries” tour
  • – Description of the “Churchill War Rooms” tour
  • – Introduction of the “Buckingham Palace Tour” and “Harry Potter and Warner Studios Tour”
  • – Discussion of the exclusive “Ceremony of the Keys” tour at the Tower of London

New Experiences and Plans for 2024

  • – Introduction of new experiences for 2024, including the “Harry Potter and Warner Studios Tour” and “Buckingham Palace Tour”
  • – Launch dates for the new tours and the excitement surrounding them

Top Tip for First-Time Visitors to London

  • – Charley’s tip for visitors to not book tours immediately after landing and to pace themselves on their first day
  • – Emphasis on planning and booking tours in advance to avoid missing out on experiences
  • – Encouragement to join Walks Tours in London for an enjoyable experience

Conclusion and Podcast Wrap-Up

  • – Tracy thanking Charley for the engaging episode
  • – Mention of an upcoming episode where Tracy and Doug will reflect on their personal experiences with Walks Tours
  • – Sign-off and invitation for listeners to join in for the next episode

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