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Episode 86 – London Like a Local: Unmissable Black Cab Tours with Discover Real London

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In episode 86 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast Tracy interviews guest Ollie from Discover Real London Tours.

They discuss the unique and immersive experience of touring London in an iconic black cab with a knowledgeable and qualified guide. Ollie shares the background of Discover Real London Tours and highlights the special features of their tours, including their best-selling Discover Real London tour and the off-the-beaten-path Secret City tour.

Ollie also gives insights into the logistics of booking a tour and shares his top tip for first-time visitors to London.

Join us to discover the hidden gems of London and learn how to make the most of your visit to this incredible city.

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Episode 86 – Show Notes

Timestamped overview

  • 00:00 Discover Real London offers unique black cab tours.
  • 04:00 London black cab driving and iconic vehicle.
  • 06:24 Royalty experience, sightseeing, and convenient transportation.
  • 10:07 London’s 6-mile area around Trafalgar Square, 25,000 streets.
  • 14:56 Offbeat tours showcase hidden sides of London.
  • 18:21 Front accommodates luggage, back has flipped-down seats.
  • 20:41 Book through Discover Real for a cool experience.
  • 22:37 Plan ahead to make London trip unforgettable.

Key topics and bullets

Introduction to Discover Real London Tours

  • – Overview of Discover Real London Tours
  • – Specializing in private tours in London using black cabs
  • – Unique experience providing in-depth knowledge and history of the city
  • – Emphasizing the comfort and convenience of travelling in a black cab

What Makes Discover Real London Tours Special

  • – Extensive knowledge of London’s sites and history due to years of experience navigating the streets
  • – Using an iconic black cab, a part of London’s history, combined with modern amenities such as a panoramic roof and spacious seating
  • – Ability to make specific stops and explore areas of interest during the tour
  • – Inclusive and accessible for all types of travellers, including those with mobility issues or families with children
  • – Qualifications and expertise of the driver guides, including the challenging “The Knowledge” test and a specialized guiding course for taxi drivers

Different Tours Offered by Discover Real London

  • – Discover Real London Tour: A half-day tour focusing on main sites such as Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey
  • – The London Detour: A tour exploring the off-the-beaten-path secrets and hidden gems of London
  • – Other options tailored to unique interests such as Roman history, medieval history, street art, and the darker side of the city

Booking and Logistics

  • – Accommodating up to 6 people in the back of the taxi
  • – Provision for luggage, including space in the front of the cab
  • – Easy online booking process, with the ability to make the payment and receive a confirmation email
  • – Communication with the guide before the tour to confirm details
  • – Contact information and website URL for booking and other inquiries

Tips for Visiting London

  • – Word of advice: “Preparation” – emphasizing the importance of planning ahead to make the most of the London experience
  • – Examples of planning ahead, including booking popular attractions and incorporating free experiences like the Sky Garden
  • – Recognizing the value of preparation in enhancing the overall vacation experience

Conclusion and Testimonial

  • – Appreciation for the tour experience from the host and the sentiment that it has been an absolute highlight
  • – Encouragement for listeners and followers to consider Discover Real London Tours for an unforgettable London experience
  • – Details for accessing the website and mentioning the podcast when booking the tours

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