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Episode 87 – Scotland Adventures: Edinburgh Black Cab Tours with Charlotte Golledge

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In episode 87 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast Tracy chats with special guest  Charlotte Golledge from Edinburgh Black Cab Tours. 

Charlotte brings over 20 years of experience in the tourist industry and a deep understanding of Scottish history to the conversation. She discusses the range of tours offered by Edinburgh Black Cab Tours, from Outlander-themed excursions to Highland experiences, providing valuable insights into the diverse tour options available for visitors to Scotland.

She discusses the practical considerations of booking with Edinburgh Black Cab Tours including their flexibility in accommodating different group sizes and supporting visitors with mobility issues.

Charlotte also shares her tips for first-time visitors to Scotland and emphasizes the importance of comfort and preparedness for visitors exploring Scotland, especially in varying weather conditions

Tune in to learn how to book these exciting tours and embark on unforgettable adventures through Scotland with Edinburgh Black Cab Tours.

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Episode 87 – Show Notes

Scotland Adventures: Edinburgh Black Cab Tours with Charlotte Golledge

Introduction to Edinburgh Black Cab Tours and Charlotte Golledge

  • Background and introduction of the special guest, Charlotte Golledge
  • Charlotte’s extensive experience in the tourist industry
  • Career progression in the tourism sector

Edinburgh Black Cab Tours

  • History and formation of Edinburgh Black Cab Tours
  • Overview of the team and their dedication to promoting Scottish history and heritage
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the tourism industry and the subsequent recovery

Specialisation and Expertise of the Tour Guides

  • Specialised knowledge and areas of expertise of the tour guides
  • Charlotte’s personal favourite tour locations and specialities
  • Flexibility and adaptability of guides to accommodate different tour preferences

Popular Tours and Tour Themes

  • Analysis of popular tour themes, particularly Outlander and Sky tours
  • Exploration of the Highland Experience tour, featuring Glencoe and Glenfinnan Viaduct
  • Historical significance and tourist interest in specific tour locations

Customization and Practical Considerations

  • Flexibility in customizing tour itineraries and accommodating different group sizes
  • Handling mobility issues and providing recommendations for accessibility
  • Coordination and planning before the tour to optimize the experience

Local Insights and Recommendations

  • Emphasis on providing local insights, recommendations, and authentic experiences
  • Collaborative approach to working with other tourism providers and local businesses
  • Personalised attention to detail to ensure guests have a memorable experience

Practical Tips for Visitors

  • Practical advice for visitors, including the importance of physical preparedness
  • Recommendations for clothing, preparation for unpredictable weather, and comfort over fashion
  • Highlights the importance of being mentally prepared for the dynamic weather conditions in Scotland

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Useful resources, websites and podcasts

  • Episode 58 – Edinburgh 101 Travel Tips for first time visitors

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