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Episode 89 – Unforgettable Adventures: Boutique Tours of Wales with John Hadwin

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In episode 89 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast Tracy chats with John Hadwin, the expert driver tour guide behind Boutique Tours of Wales.

John offers exclusive, personalised guided tours of North Wales, taking guests on scenic road trips, historic castle visits, and unforgettable experiences in stunning locations. With his custom executive vehicle with spacious seating, John ensures an exceptional and comfortable travel experience.

Tracy and John discuss the unique offerings of his tours, sharing valuable insights into local accommodations, dining options, and the best ways to experience North Wales. Listeners will also learn about the process of booking directly with John and the popularity of his tours.

If you’re considering exploring North Wales, this episode is a must-listen for an introduction to John and Boutique Tours of Wales and the enchanting destinations they cover.

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Episode 89 – Show Notes

Key topics and bullets

Introduction to Boutique Tours of Wales with John Hadwin

  • John Hadwin’s professional background in the travel industry and starting Boutique Tours of Wales in 2009
  • Unique aspects of John’s tours, including his personal involvement, hands-on experiences at attractions, and expertise in Welsh history and culture
  • Guest praise and positive reviews of John’s tours

Tour Offerings and Experiences

  • 5-day extended tour, including scenic road trips, visits to pretty villages, historical sites, and a secluded area with stunning views
  • Multi-day tours covering North Wales and Snowdonia National Park, with accommodations in a Welsh village and visits to landmarks such as the highest waterfall in Wales and the Bala glacial lake
  • North Wales in a Nutshell and medieval castle tour in Snowdonia, offering dramatic scenery and a taste of Welsh culture and history
  • Long touring days, lunch at a local vineyard, cider tasting, sheep bingo during lambing season

Custom Executive Vehicle and Passenger Assistance

  • Description of John Hadwin’s new 7-seater Ford Tournail custom executive vehicle with spacious seating
  • Tailored assistance for passengers with mobility difficulties, including grab handles, portable step, and accommodations for mobility scooters and walkers

Booking and Contact Information

  • John’s websites contain tour options, inquiry forms, and a video of his operations
  • Social media presence and online reservation tips
  • Tracy Collins mentioned links to John’s websites and social media in the show notes for potential bookings
  • John’s preference for direct bookings to avoid extra commissions

Wales as a Travel Destination

  • John’s emphasis on not underestimating Wales as a destination and considering multi-day tours for a comprehensive experience
  • Information about travel options to Wales, including international airports and flights from various locations
  • The exhaustion of self-driving tourists and the advantages of booking a guided tour for a more comprehensive experience

Conclusion and Future Plans

  • Tracy Collins plans to have John Hadwin on the podcast again to talk more about Wales
  • Increasing interest in Wales tourism, with a focus on North Wales

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