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Episode 93 – Book Better Flights with guest Michelle Chang

In episode 93 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy Collins sits down with guest Michelle Chang to delve into the world of flight booking.

As an experienced world traveller, Michelle shares her expert tips on how to book better flights, emphasizing the importance of flexibility, using Google Flights effectively, and uncovering hidden cost-saving strategies.

With practical insights and valuable advice, Michelle guides listeners through the intricacies of optimizing flight options and reveals common pitfalls to avoid.  Stay tuned as she provides a special discount for the “Book Better Flights” course, ensuring that travellers can maximise their flight booking endeavours.

Tune in to discover how to secure the best travel deals and plan your next UK adventure quickly and confidently!

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In her Book Better Flights course, Michelle shares her step-by-step Flight Booking Road Map so you can:

✅ easily apply her methods to your own trips,

✅ minimize overwhelm, and

✅ have more time to enjoy those unforgettable experiences around the world.

In this Traveler’s Tech Tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • How to cut down on time with her step-by-step road map for researching flights
  • How to leverage free online tools to choose better flights with confidence
  • Tricks for avoiding common booking mistakes
  • When and where to find the best deals on airfare

Episode 93 – Show Notes

Book Better Flights with guest Michelle Chang

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Introduction to the UK Travel Planning Podcast
    • Purpose of the podcast
    • Overview of the podcast’s content and guests
    • Introduction of the host, Tracy Collins, and guest, Michelle Chang
  • Michelle Chang’s Background and Travel Experience
    • Experience with planning trips and being budget-conscious
    • Early travel experiences and joining the US Peace Corps
    • Transition to a location-independent lifestyle and starting a travel blog
    • Living abroad and travelling to five continents
  • Tips for Booking Better Flights
    • Importance of flexibility in destination and dates
    • Utilizing resources like Google Flights to search multiple variables
    • Advantages of booking several months in advance and tracking prices
    • Other flight search tools like KAYAK and Expedia
  • Features of Google Flights
    • Use of Google Flights as a search aggregator
    • The ability to search by country or region
    • Price history and tracking tools
    • Functions travellers may not be aware of
  • Strategies for Finding the Best Flight Deals
    • Considering one-way tickets vs. round-trip tickets
    • Pricing differences based on the round trip’s origin
    • Understanding the UK APD (air passenger duty) and airline surcharges
  • Common Mistakes in Flight Booking
    • Issues with hidden fees like checked luggage and additional charges
    • Not comparing all available flight options
    • Overlooking the comfort and experience of the flight
  • Michelle Chang’s Book Better Flights Course
    • Overview of the on-demand course, Book Better Flights
    • Bite-sized video lessons and flight booking roadmap
    • Discount for listeners and the show notes link for booking
  • Key Tips for Planning Flights to the UK
    • Starting the itinerary in the UK and flying out from the continent to avoid departure fees
    • Importance of planning flights months in advance for better prices

Click here to download a PDF Transcript of Episode 93

Guest Bio – Michelle Chang

Michelle Chang

Michelle is a digital nomad who loves planning trips and equips others to pursue life-changing experiences around the world through her resources on 

After starting traditional careers, Michelle and her husband joined the U.S. Peace Corps and did their volunteer service in rural Jamaica for 27 months, which eventually led them to work online in order to continue living abroad and learning about new cultures. 
Now they live abroad roughly half the year and base themselves in Oregon during the summers. 

Michelle’s online tutorials and courses help travelers leverage their smartphones and online tools to make the most of their time and budget on trips, with less stress and overwhelm.

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