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Episode 94 – Discovering the Best Photography Spots in London with Domi of Scalens Studio

In episode 94 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, host Tracy Collins is joined by Domi of Scalens Studio to discuss London’s top 10 photography locations.

Domi shares her expertise as a professional photographer and provides insider tips on the best spots for capturing iconic images. From the famous Tower Bridge to hidden gems in Notting Hill and beautiful views over London, this episode is a must-listen for anyone planning a visit to the UK’s capital.

Tracy and Domi also discuss the etiquette of taking photos at hotels and popular tourist spots and offer listeners a special discount code.

Join them in exploring the stunning photography opportunities that London has to offer.

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Episode 94 – Show Notes

Discovering the Best Photography Spots in London with Domi of Scalens Studio

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  • Flying dress photoshoot -> Book here OR Luxury pinky dress photoshoot -> Book here 

1. Famous Landmarks – Tower Bridge – St. Paul’s Cathedral – London Eye

2. Red Phone Box Photography – Westminster Station – Alternative phone box locations

3. Views Over London – The Garden 120 – Horizon 22

4. Instagram Worthy Spots – Peggy Porschen – Elan Cafe – Kyla Cafe Bistro

5. Hidden Gems in London – Shad Thames – St Dunstan’s in the East

6. Hotels for Photography – St. Pancras International Hotel

7. Spring Photography – Golden Hill Park – Regent’s Park

8. Christmas Photography – Regent Street – Piccadilly – Trafalgar Square – Oxford Street – Covent Garden – Ritz Hotel

9. Movie/Music Locations – Abbey Road – Notting Hill – Kings Cross Station (for Harry Potter fans)

10. Photography Tour – Special photography tours with a private driver and tour guide at specific locations (we recommend Discover Real London tours)

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