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The Coronation of Charles III (When, where & FAQ’s)

Buckingham Palace has announced the official date of the coronation of Charles III for 6th May 2023. This is the first coronation in over 70 years since our late Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953 following her father King George VI’s death. The coronation will follow the protocols of history (and it stretches back centuries) so expect a reasonable dose of pomp and ceremony.

Whether you are planning to visit the UK during the time of the coronation or not you may have an interest in knowing a little more about the course of events.

If you are planning to visit I recommend bookmarking this page as I will update it as more information becomes available (in particular around arrangements in London, possible public holiday etc)


The Coronation of Charles III – FAQs

Is Charles already King?

At the moment of the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles immediately became King.

When will the coronation take place?

The coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort will take place on Saturday 6th May 2023.

Where will the coronation take place?

The coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey and the service conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury (the head of the Church of England).

Royal coronations have been held in the Abbey for over 900 years with the first William the Conqueror dating back to 1066. Charles will be the 40th monarch to be crowned there.

Westminster Abbey 4
Westminster Abbey

What time will the coronation take place and how long will it last?

While the time of the ceremony has not been announced as yet (13 October 2022) but if it follows the same time scale as for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II it will commence at 11.15 am and last for 3 hours.

A statement from Buckingham Palace states, “The coronation will reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry.”

Westminster Abbey 2
Westminster Abbey

What will happen during the ceremony?

There are a number of parts to the ceremony including the recognition, oath, anointing, investiture, anointing, enthronement and homage.

During the ceremony, King Charles will follow rituals that date back to Anglo-Saxon times. He will sit on the Coronation chair where he will take an oath and be presented with the coronation ring, orb, sceptre and rod.

Following an anointing and blessing by the Archbishop of Canterbury the solid gold crown of St Edward will be placed on his head and he will be officially crowned King Charles III.

Camilla, the king’s wife, will also be crowned during the ceremony as Queen Consort.

The Coronation chair will be used during the coronation of Charles III.
The Coronation chair located at Westminster Abbey

Who can we expect to see at the coronation?

Members of the Royal Family will be in attendance including Prince William, Prince Harry and their wives of course.

The British Prime Minister (whoever that is by May next year), Members of Parliament, representatives of the Commonwealth and other dignitaries will be invited.

Where can I watch the coronation?

The coronation will be broadcast on television around the globe.

If you are in London and wish to experience the event first hand there will be an official route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey and back along which thousands of spectators are expected to throng.

King Charles II is likely to travel between the Palace and the Abbey in the gold state coach which is used for coronations and jubilees.

Following tradition, King Charles will most probably make an appearance with close members of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace,

Buckingham Palace 4
Buckingham Palace

Will there be a public holiday to celebrate the event?

At present, there is much speculation that a public holiday (known as a bank holiday in the UK) will be announced to celebrate the coronation. However, there is no official confirmation as yet.

As there is already a public holiday that week (Monday, May 1st) it is uncertain as yet whether another will be announced. There is speculation that the May 1st holiday may be moved instead.

Could there be closures in London on May 6th?

At present, it is unclear if there will be closures in London on May 6th.

Expect parts of London around Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to be closed off from public transport on the day of the coronation and a surge of visitors the day before the event.

If you are arriving or leaving London on May 6th ensure that you add extra time to your journey.

Is there a public holiday to celebrate the event?

A bank holiday (public holiday) has been announced for Monday 8th May. Expect some closures on that day.

Where can I stay in London to see King Charles III’s coronation?

If you are planning to visit London with the intention of seeing the coronation we advise booking accommodation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The following hotels are within walking distance of Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey.

The Goring, Belgravia


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Other royal places of interest in London

Please note I will endeavour to keep this article up to date as further information is made available.

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