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Visiting the Tower of London (FAQs + best tickets & tours)

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Tower of London – Tickets & Tours Quick Picks












Why visiting the Tower of London is a must-do

Whether as part of a group or on a more independent basis, taking a London Tower tour is a must for just about anyone visiting the capital of England. 

The Tower of London history is a rich, varied and very royal one. Visitors to the Tower can see the crown jewels in all their noble glory, as well as the uniformed guards who protect them. 

You can also explore structures like the Bloody Tower, the Medieval Palace and the Norman style White Tower. 

During your visit you can also explore the Fusilier Museum, enjoy a hands-on armoury experience, see the armour of past Kings and learn lots of Tower of London facts about the tower’s ravens and how the site was used in the past for torture, execution and imprisonment.

Admission to the Tower of London opens the door to a fun-filled day packed with fascinating historical insights. Everything about the place is so quintessentially British that it really would be a crime to miss it off your list.

Beefeater at the Tower of London.

Visiting the Tower of London FAQs

What are the Tower of London opening times?

So what are the Tower of London visiting hours – when can you go? Times actually vary according to the season, so it’s best to check the latest details here

What is the cost to visit the Tower of London?

At the time of writing, the cost of visiting the Tower of London varies according to when you go, your age and if you’re eligible for any concessions. 

You can buy two types of family ticket to the Tower of London, and kids under five go free. 

Is it worth booking a tour of the Tower of London?

Booking the best Tower of London tours allows you to make the most of your day there, so you can spend your time wisely and learn from knowledgeable and enthusiastic history experts. 

A guided tour of the Tower of London costs extra, but this can be from just a few more pounds if you opt for an audio tour

How do I get to the Tower of London?

Those wondering how to go to the Tower of London have several options, including the London Underground, mainline train and river or uber boat. 

The closest tube station is Tower Hill on the Circle and District lines. It’s also possible to walk from London Bridge station in 10-15 minutes, Liverpool Street in 20 or Charing Cross in 25. 

Transport for London’s journey planner can be accessed here.

When is the best time to visit the Tower of London?

Entry to the Tower of London can be quicker and easier during weekdays. Whichever day you go, arrive during the early morning if you can. 

The crowds will generally get smaller after about 3 pm on weekdays, but as the Tower sometimes closes as early as 4.30 pm this would leave you with very little time to see all the sights.  

How accessible is the Tower of London?

Historic Royal Palaces, who operate Tower of London tickets and entry, are committed to accessibility. 

The Tower is, however, a historic building containing features like steep staircases, narrow passageways, low doorways and cobblestones. This does limit wheelchair access. 

Outdoor areas are open, and all registered disabled persons may bring a carer free of charge. Proof will be required to obtain this complimentary ticket. 

What about other places to visit near the Tower of London?

The most obvious place to see nearby is Tower Bridge. If you can, the walk from here to visit London Bridge is worthwhile – plus it’s free and you can get some fresh air by the river. 

There are some interesting sights to look out for along the way, such as the Shard, the city skyscrapers, Butler’s Wharf, HMS Belfast and St Katharine Docks.

Other London attractions that aren’t too far from the Tower include Borough Market and the Golden Hinde galleon, both of which are near London Bridge station. You could also cross the river to wander around the Tate Modern or to see Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. 

Or head west instead of east from Tower Bridge, looking out for iconic landmarks like the OXO tower, Westminster and the London Eye as you stroll along the riverbank. 

Ravens at the Tower of London with the Shard in the background.
A view of The Shard from the Tower of London
Tower of London houses with the Shard in the background.
Tower of London houses with the Shard in the background

How to visit the Tower of London – Best Tours and Tickets for the Tower of London 

There are various options open to you when it comes to purchasing Tower of London tickets, and each has its plus points. 

Factors to bear in mind include what is included, such as free cancellation, skipping the queue or a guided tour. Also how is the ticket delivered – will it be available as a download on your smartphone or printed on paper? 

These are the main options when you want to buy Tower of London tickets.

Purchase online via the official Tower of London site

You can of course buy tickets from the official Tower of London website. 

  • Pros

You can book your tickets and see what there is to do while you’re there all in one place.

  • Cons

Tickets purchased via the site can only be amended or cancelled six weeks in advance. 

  • Cost 

At the time of writing, standard adult ticket prices cost from £28.90 when booked directly.

How to buy

You can buy tickets via Historic Royal Palaces here.  

Beefeater at the Tower of London.

Purchase a ticket through Get Your Guide

  • Pros

Cancellations and amendments are permitted up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, and you also get to skip the queue when buying via Get Your Guide. 

  • Cons

You may also need to visit the official Tower of London site for further information. 

  • Cost 

Standard adult ticket prices also cost from £28.90 when booked via Get Your Guide – but unlike tickets purchased from the official site, these can be cancelled up to a day before if required. 

How to buy

Due to the flexibility of this ticket – and the fact that you won’t need to wait in line – we recommend buying them, at no extra cost, from Get Your Guide here

View of Tower Bridge from the moat of the Tower of London.

Buy inclusive Tower of London tour tickets

  • Pros

Guided tours include extras as well as expert guidance. You can witness the opening ceremony,  tour the Tower with a Beefeater, take a two-hour private tour or gain exclusive early entry to the Crown Jewels.  

  • Cons

These options do cost more than a stand-alone entry ticket. 

  • Cost 

The cost varies according to the option selected: click the links below for more info. 

How to buy

  • Buy the Tower of London small group Beefeater tour here
  • Buy the Tower of London opening ceremony and early access tour here
  • Buy the Tower of London two-hour private guided tour here
Statues of lions outside of the Tower of London.

Visit as part of a multi-venue tour 

  • Pros

Multi-venue tours are ideal for those with limited time in London, as you can pack more into a day than you otherwise would. These packages can also be good value for money. 

One day tour even includes visits to Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace as well as the Tower of London, and even includes a cruise on the Thames. 

  • Cons

You’ll have less time to spend at the Tower of London. 

  • Cost 

Each tour is priced differently. To find out more, you can click the links below. 

How to buy

>Buy the Tower of London and Tower Bridge tour here

>Buy the Tower of London and Westminster walking tour here

>Buy the Tower of London, Changing of the Guard and Westminster tour here

>Buy the Tower of London full day London sightseeing tour with river cruise here

Flowers in the moat at the Tower of London.

Buy your ticket as part of a multi ticket option

  • Pros

You can also buy London Tower admission as part of a multi-ticket such as the London Pass or the Go City London Pass. 

This is delivered as a smartphone app, and can save money compared to buying separate tickets. You have 60 days to use it and can pick where to visit as you go. 

  • Cons

You’ll have to buy at least 2 credits, and it may end up costing you more if you don’t use them all. 

  • Cost 

Prices start at £34 for an adult 2 choice pass, and go up to £118 for a 7 credit pass. 

How to buy

Find out more about the London pass in our complete review here or the Go City London Explorer here.

When visiting the Tower of London you can get fantastic views of Tower Bridge like in this picture.

How will you visit the Tower of London? 

We hope these visiting the Tower of London tips, tricks and ticket options have helped you plan your trip. 

The Tower of London is one of those UK sights that you really cannot miss, and for most people, the memories will last a lifetime. Happy travels!

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