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Episode 102 – Discovering the Charms of Brighton: Insider Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit

In episode 102 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, I chatted with guest Cate, who recently spent some time living in Brighton. Cate shares her insider tips, favourite places to visit in Brighton, and experiences exploring the surrounding areas. From walking along the rocky beach and exploring the pier to enjoying scones and clotted cream, Cate’s adventures in Brighton during the off-season provided a unique and memorable experience.

Join us as we delve into Cate’s recommendations and insights to help you plan your perfect trip to the vibrant and picturesque seaside city of Brighton.

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Episode 102 – Show Notes

Timestamped overview

  • 00:00 Randomly chose Brighton after time in Istanbul.
  • 06:07 Enjoying peaceful beach sounds and leisurely walks.
  • 08:02 Explored eclectic shops, and wandered neighbourhoods and parks.
  • 12:15 Visited tea room, boardwalk, and enjoyed food.
  • 16:10 Bus exploration of English coast discovering towns.
  • 16:39 London, Greenwich, smaller towns, piers, and shore.
  • 19:54 Off-season visit, explore Brighton and random adventures.
  • The Royal Pavilion >> An iconic structure with a fascinating mix of Regency grandeur and Indian style, showcasing the unique architecture and royal history.
  • The Lanes >> A charming and quaint maze of narrow streets filled with boutique shops, cafes, and historic charm, providing a delightful exploration experience.
  • Hove >> An adjacent town with a vibrant seafront, lined with cafes, restaurants, and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for leisurely strolls and seaside dining.
  • Seven Sisters and Burling Gap >> A stunning coastal walk with white cliffs and mesmerizing views, offering a remarkable and picturesque hiking experience. 8. Lewes: A historic town featuring an old town pedestrian area and a castle, providing a glimpse into its rich heritage and architectural charm.
  • Leman Tea Rooms and Gail’s Bakery >> Recommended cafe and bakery in Brighton

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Useful resources

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Cate and Aaron Brubaker feature in episode 102 of the UK Travel Planning podcast.

Cate and her husband, Aaron, own a Germany travel planning business and love helping their clients and community enjoy the best of Germany.

Being semi-nomadic, they split their time between the US and Europe. In 2023 they spent 5 months in 5 cities in southern England.

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