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Episode 29: Chat with Ken Lambert – Beatles fan & owner of George Harrison’s childhood home

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In episode 29 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, we chat with Ken Lambert a lifelong fan of the Beatles and in particular George Harrison.

In 2022 Ken bid on (and subsequently won that bid) to purchase George Harrison’s childhood home in Liverpool.

In this podcast, he shares his fascinating story from George Harrison fan to now owner of a property closely associated with the Beatles. Also, learn how you can actually now stay in the former Beatles home – an absolute must for any Beatles fan.

He shares how he redecorated the front room using photographs taken in the late 1950s and early 1960s. And it is in this front room the Quarrymen practised and where George, John and Paul’s creative juices flowed.

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Episode 29 – Show Notes

George Harrisons childhood home 1000 × 1500 px 2 1
George Harrisons childhood home 1000 × 1500 px 1

Chat with George Harrison & Beatles fan Ken Lambert

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • How to book a stay at Upton Green >> Email and quote “Upton Green/ UK Travel Planning” in the subject line
  • Information about Ken’s Facebook group >> See more photos and videos of the Beatles and Upton Green here
  • The story behind Ken’s love of the Beatles and in particular George Harrison and how he ended up placing the winning bid to purchase the Upton Green property
  • Information about when George Harrison lived in the house.
  • How Ken redecorated the front room home to look as it did in the days when George lived there and Paul and John would practice with him.
  • How Ken since he purchased the house has met many people associated with the Beatles including the manager of the Cavern Club in the 1960s and some former members of the Quarrymen.
  • Ken’s number one tip for any Beatles fan visiting Liverpool

Places and experiences mentioned in this episode include

  • The Cavern Club
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Magical Mystery Tour Bus
  • Fab 4 Black Cab tour
  • Mathew Street

⭐️ A transcript of this episode is available to download here.

Useful resources

We also have some useful planning resources on this website for Beatles fans

In episode 29 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast we chat with Ken Lambert now the owner of George Harrison's childhood home in Liverpool as shown in this image.

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