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Episode 69 – Q & A with the founders of UKTP Tracy and Doug Collins

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In episode 69 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, the tables are turned on Tracy as she is not the interviewer but the interviewee!

In this episode, we chat with UK Travel Planning Facebook group member and UK Travel Planning Podcast fan Debra Blazer and share a little about our backgrounds and love for travel.

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Episode 69 – Show Notes

The UK Travel Planning story: Q&A with founders Tracy and Doug Collins

In this podcast episode, Tracy and Doug Collins answer questions about their backgrounds and love of travel, and how this led them to starting the UK Travel Planning website and podcast.

In this episode, you will learn about:

1. Tracy’s and Doug’s love of travel and how it led them to create this website in 2020.

2. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their travel plans and how they pivoted their project during this time.

3. Tracy’s experience as a history teacher and their interest in visiting places with a strong historical presence.

4. The motivation behind starting a podcast alongside their website and the importance of integrating multiple platforms.

5. Tracy’s belief in the importance of understanding and learning from each other’s experiences to combat negativity in the world.

6. The creation of train itinerary articles and an ebook to help make train travel in the UK less stressful for travelers.

7. Their upcoming trip during Christmas, including their planned route across London, Republic of Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

8. Tracy’s offer of itinerary review services and their goal to help clients improve their travel plans and potentially save money.

9. The launch of Tracy’s new podcast, “Global Travel Planning,” and the emphasis on becoming more thoughtful and considerate travelers.

10. Their number one tip for anyone planning a trip to the UK for the first time.

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