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Episode 82 – Trip Report with Tanya Munro [Insider Tips, Memorable Moments, and Unexpected Discoveries]

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Welcome to Episode 82 of the UK Travel Planning podcast! Today, we have a special treat for you as we’re joined by guest Tanya Munro, who recently embarked on an exciting 35-day trip to the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

In this episode, Tanya shares her in-depth trip report, from her favourite accommodations to the highlights of each destination, and provides valuable insights and tips based on her extensive travel experience. From scenic drives in Fort William to the charming streets of St Ives, Tanya’s journey is packed with adventure and discovery.

So, grab your headphones and get ready to immerse yourself in Tanya’s unforgettable travel experiences on this episode of the UK Travel Planning podcast.

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Episode 82 – Show Notes

Time stamps

00:00 Originally planned 3 weeks, expanded to more.

03:57 Used website for travel planning and itinerary.

10:01 Exploring Bath and then on to Cornwall was enjoyable.

11:39 Parking was a challenge but we managed!

14:40 Efficient planning and early departure for trip.

18:35 Variety of weather made dressing challenging, but adapted.

20:34 Loved Skye’s amazing walks and great accommodation.

23:23 Train strikes affected Sky Garden plans, so we explored alternatives.

27:05 Enjoyed delicious meals at various pubs in Scotland.

30:56 Cornwall beaches – surprised just how beautiful they were.

35:42 Thanks to Tanya for coming on this episode of the podcast, next week: London airport transfers

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