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Episode 99 – Windsor Castle and Beyond: A Complete Travel Guide to Windsor

In episode 99 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, hosts Tracy and Doug delve into the fascinating world of Windsor.

This highly requested episode covers everything from the rich history of Windsor Castle to the abundance of activities and attractions that the town has to offer.

Join us as we explore the ease of getting to Windsor from London, discover the best times to visit the castle, and learn about additional experiences such as boat trips on the Thames and visits to the Crooked House of Windsor.

Tracy shares her insightful tips and recommendations, ensuring that your visit to Windsor is nothing short of a royal experience.

So, grab your earbuds and prepare to embark on a virtual journey to this iconic UK destination.

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Episode 99 – Show Notes

Timestamped Overview

  • 00:00 Large, historic castle
  • 04:18 Short walk from train stations to Windsor Castle.
  • 08:05 Queen Mary’s Doll’s house
  • 10:31 Eton College, prestigious UK school, Crooked house.
  • 13:04 Explore Windsor: castle, boat, walk, dine, shop.

Places, activities & tours mentioned in this episode include

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