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Episode 98 From Liverpool to London & Beyond – UK Trip Report with Vernetta and Therron

In episode 98 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy chats with special guests Vernetta and Therron to hear about their fascinating trip to England. From experiencing the highs and lows of transportation and lodging to sampling local cuisine and uncovering unique cultural experiences, Vernetta and Therron share their honest and insightful trip report.

With candid tales of their adventures in Liverpool, London, and beyond, join us as we delve into their journey, learning about their delayed honeymoon, attending a Liverpool soccer game, and immersing themselves in the magic of the English Christmas markets.

Listen in as they reveal their favourite sights, offer essential travel tips, and showcase the personal connections that made their trip unforgettable. So, sit back, relax, and let Vernetta and Therron take you on a captivating travel journey through the UK.

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Episode 98 – Show Notes

Trip report with Vernetta and Therron

Timestamped overview

  • 00:00 Travel plans centered around Liverpool soccer game.
  • 04:51 Brief visit to Manchester before travelling to Nottingham.
  • 07:04 Freedom to explore without any rush.
  • 10:38 Enable people to plan their own tours.
  • 14:02 Navigating old streets in Europe poses challenges.
  • 16:46 English people may seem standoffish, but helpful.
  • 20:21 Beautiful hotel view exceeded our expectations.
  • 23:46 Laundromats are less common in the UK now.
  • 28:24 Chance meeting led to artistic gift exchange.
  • 32:03 Met friend in London, interesting tour experience.
  • 35:39 American finds Iron Brew in international market.
  • 36:15 Grandma warned about instant coffee in England.
  • 40:04 Wear clothes multiple times, pack light, enjoy.
  • 44:16 Received autographed merchandise from Liverpool, incredibly valuable.
  • 46:05 Generous stories. Lovely end to the podcast.

Places mentioned in this episode include

  • Manchester >> Known for its industrial heritage, Manchester offers visitors a vibrant cultural scene, including the bustling Northern Quarter with its street art, the iconic Old Trafford stadium, and the interactive Museum of Science and Industry. Read more – Manchester Travel Guide
  • Nottingham >> Famous for its connections to the legendary Robin Hood, Nottingham offers visitors the chance to explore the historic Nottingham Castle, the stunning Wollaton Hall, and wander through the charming Lace Market area.
  • York >> With its well-preserved medieval walls and cobbled streets, York attracts visitors with its magnificent York Minster, the immersive Jorvik Viking Centre, and the picturesque Shambles, known for its quaint shops and cafes. Read more – York Travel Guide
  • Liverpool >> As the birthplace of The Beatles, visitors to Liverpool can explore The Cavern Club, the immersive Beatles Story exhibition, and the iconic Albert Dock, home to the Tate Liverpool and Merseyside Maritime Museum. Read more – Liverpool Travel Guide.

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And a very special photo of Vernetta standing in the same spot in Liverpool as her late Grandmother ❤️

IMG 7369

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