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Episode 91 – A Taste of London: A Conversation with Charley Bennett from Devour Food Tours

In episode 91 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy interviews Charley Bennett, the ground operations manager for Walks in London and Devour Food Tours. They dive deep into London’s vibrant food culture and discuss their favourite food tours and hidden gems.

From iconic pubs serving traditional ales and classic pub snacks to family-run businesses at Borough Market, they share their love for British cuisine and the rich history behind the culinary experiences.

Charley’s expertise and passion for showcasing London’s diverse food and culture make this episode a must-listen for any food and travel enthusiast.

So, grab a cup of tea and get ready to explore the delicious world of London’s food tours with Tracy and Charley!

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Episode 91 – Show Notes

A Taste of London: A Conversation with Charley Bennett from Devour Food Tours

Introduction to Devour Food Tours and Charley Bennett

– Charley Bennett’s background and role at Devour Food Tours

– Devour Food Tours’ partnership with small vendors and family-run businesses

– Focus on high-quality small group tours and British cuisine

British Cuisine and Culinary Culture

– Introduction to British cuisine as a celebration of comfort eating

– Emphasis on traditional recipes focusing on warmth, sustenance, and sweet jollity

– Exploration of diverse food and culture in London through food tours

– Showcasing Borough Market as home to family-run stalls and steeped in history

Devour Food Tours in London

– Description of the Borough Market tour and its historical significance

– Visit to Brewed for a twist on the classic British bacon and egg sandwich

– Stop at Richard Hall, a family-run oyster business offering small rock oysters with vinaigrette

– Sample of the iconic sausage roll at Ginger Pig, an iconic butcher’s shop at the market

– Humblecrumble, an Instagrammable dessert place serving various flavours of crumbles with unique toppings

– Other foods sampled include fish and chips, a cheese board, sticky toffee pudding and Madeira port.

London Pub and Pint Tour

– Overview of the London pubs and pints tour

– Start at the Old Mitre, a hidden pub from 1546

– Sampling traditional London Pride ale and pork pie

– Focus on classic pub snacks and historic pubs in the financial area

– Unique experiences at iconic London pubs with rich history and ties to famous literary figures

– Conclusion with a game of shuffleboard at Ye Olde Cock

– Charley Bennett’s staple UK meal of fish and chips

– Mention of a hidden family-owned pub called Mug House with a cosy atmosphere and antique decor

– Description of a cheese board, sticky toffee pudding, and Madeira port tipple at Mug House

– Previous tour led by Pete, a born and bred Londoner, and the good experience had

Wrap-Up and Booking Information

– Tracy’s enthusiasm for the Devour Food Tours and plans to meet with Charley in London

– Provide links for booking the food tours and engaging with the podcast episode

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