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The Complete Guide to Buying Premier League Tickets in England 

Everything you need to know about buying Premier League tickets in England – including tips and alternative tours.

If you’re into football – or soccer as you may well call it in your home country – then you might want to catch a Premier League game while you’re staying in England. Seeing some of the world’s top players in action as ‘the beautiful game’ plays out is a real thrill for a soccer fan. (That term was coined by the Brazilian player Pele, by the way, not an Englishman). 

Men’s Premier League football is incredibly popular in England – it’s no exaggeration to say that many fans will do just about anything to see their team play. And would give anything to see them win too.

The game as we know it today is said to have originated in English private schools and involves teams of 11 men or women – though there is also an informal variation known as ‘five-a-side’. Previously seen as a ‘man’s game’, the English ladies’ team are now climbing up the rankings after their 2022 Euros tournament win.

At the time of writing, UEFA rankings show a number of English teams in the top ten, including Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United. Arsenal is another popular and successful club, and like Chelsea is London-based. On a national and global scale, these are the five most popular clubs. (Ted Lasso fans may be disappointed to hear that Richmond FC actually does not exist!)

So it’s easy to grab tickets for a game once you’re in the UK, right? Er, no. Completely wrong. If you want to see any of these clubs in action – or in fact any of the English Premier League clubs in action – then you’ll need to plan ahead. And cross your fingers.

The fact is that it’s incredibly difficult to get tickets. Even though Premier League ticket prices are so high. But don’t despair! We’re here to share all the insider info on the best places to buy Premier League tickets, to maximise your chances of getting inside the grounds. 

Read on so you can secure your tickets to that match you’ve been desperate to see all your life. Or at least take advantage of an attractive alternative…

English soccer ball with football boot on it - buying premier league tickets for English matches can be difficult.

Tickets available for 2023/4 season

Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium

Experience the electric atmosphere of an Arsenal football match in North London at Emirates Stadium. Watch premier league footballers in action from a sought-after Club Level seat.

Enjoy halftime refreshments, a match program, and a merchandise voucher. Explore the Arsenal Museum to delve into the club’s rich history.

Tour the world-class stadium on a non-match day for a comprehensive experience.

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Chelsea Football Match at Stamford Bridge Stadium

Secure your chance to watch Chelsea Football Club play at Stamford Bridge Stadium with limited availability tickets that sell out fast.

Book early to ensure your spot to witness this top Premier League team in action in London. Enjoy the game from your seat in the upper tier of the West Stand and start the experience with a complimentary bar before the match, followed by a post-match sandwich buffet.

Your ticket includes a souvenir program to commemorate the event. Immerse yourself in the excitement, singing alongside Chelsea’s passionate blue-shirted fans and soaking up the thrilling atmosphere.

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Manchester United Football Match at Old Trafford Stadium

Secure your ticket to witness Manchester United Football Club play at Old Trafford Stadium.

Choose from the Northwest Executive ticket with Kit Room lounge access or the enhanced Salford Suite ticket for a prime view from the halfway line and complimentary hot drinks during halftime. Both options include a program as a keepsake.

Due to limited allocations, tickets for Premier League matches sell out quickly, so book in advance to ensure your spot. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere and cheer alongside passionate Manchester United fans.

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Tottenham Hotspur Football Match at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Book your Tottenham Hotspur Football Club ticket and seize the opportunity to watch this Premier League team at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Due to limited allocations, tickets for the games sell out swiftly, so act promptly to secure your spot to witness the Spurs in action. Opt for a highly sought-after half way line ticket, granting you access to the stadium lounge.

This experience also includes a program, pre-match food offerings, and a complimentary drink at halftime. Immerse yourself in the thrilling game, watching Premier League players compete from a prime half way line seat during the 1.5-hour match.

Don’t miss the chance to recharge with a halftime drink and take home a souvenir match day program.

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Manchester City Match at Etihad Stadium

Immerse yourself in English soccer culture by attending a Manchester City game at the renowned Etihad Stadium. Ensure your spot by pre-booking your admission ticket, granting you access to the exclusive 93.20 Lounge Bar—a privilege not available to the general public.

Experience the match from a guaranteed middle-tier seat in the stands, providing an excellent view of the game.

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8 Top Tips for buying Premier League Tickets in England ⚽️

Let’s start at the very beginning. If you want to bag some EPL tickets – aka English Premier League tickets – then you’re going to have to be smart. So where better to grab some advice than from sources including the EPL themselves?

  1. Plan well ahead

We really cannot stress this one enough! There’s no way – barring a miracle, really – that you’ll get Premier League tickets within a fortnight or even a month of the game. Even six months or more is often not enough time!

  1. Only buy from club sites, ticket offices or authorised partners

Never, ever buy football tickets from an unofficial reseller. Why? Well, the main reasons are that these unauthorised ticket touts are out to rip you off, pure and simple. But money and fakes aside, there’s another good reason not to do that.

Resellers are notorious for placing unwitting ticket buyers in an undesirable position. This may be on the opposite home or away team’s side, or close to people who are known for causing trouble. There’s potentially more at stake here than simply losing a few pounds sterling, so stay away from sources that are not officially authorised. 

  1. It’s who you know

Many English Premier League tickets are all about who you know. If you do have contacts in the UK, then for goodness sake do ask around before you travel. A friend of a friend or a professional colleague might just know someone who was willing to pay the full Man City, Liverpool or Arsenal season ticket price to secure their seats. 

Club members and those who’ve accrued loyalty points are far more likely to be able to help you secure tickets for that all-important match. 

  1. Look for a grade C match

Most English football clubs will place games in priority order, categorising them as grade A, B or C. A grade C match is far more likely to have available tickets than a grade A one, with grade B falling somewhere between the two.

If the club you want to see are playing against another popular team, then that’s only going to make securing tickets even more of a challenge!

Though the ladies’ teams are becoming increasingly popular, considering both men’s and women’s matches will also clearly give you more of a chance. 

  1. Get to know your club

As the EPL points out, each club has its own way of working. You should be able to find out about their ticket policies either via the website or by getting in touch with the club. Forewarned is forearmed!

Keep an eye on their social media pages too – you never know what info might pop up there. 

  1. Buy a hospitality package

Officially authorised hospitality packages can provide you with another way in. These can include other services such as parking, food and drink, programmes and souvenirs. 

  1. Go for second-best

If you can’t quite get to see your club in action, then why not book the next best thing? Which is to take a tour of the grounds. This often includes an insider peek at all facilities, including spots like the home and away changing rooms. 

These can be fabulous experiences for any football fan in their own right – and can certainly help to make up for the disappointment caused by failing to secure tickets. 

  1. Listen to an expert

The Groundhopper Guide is THE go-to expert when it comes to the Premier League. So grab a copy of founder Paul Gerard’s Guide to Soccer in England for the full insider lowdown. 

After reading this, you’ll be familiar with everything there is to know about English football, including where you can see them play or even meet them, as well as where to eat and drink before and after the match or your stadium visit. 

Sign from Anfield Football ground.

4 of the best Premier League stadium tours

Manchester United stadium and museum tour

  • Duration: 2 hours+
  • What’s included: Guided stadium tour, museum entry, multimedia guide 
  • What’s not included: Souvenir guidebook & photo

For Man United fans that cannot book Premier League tickets, this tour of Old Trafford is a winning alternative.

You can learn about the history, go inside the dressing room, see exclusive memorabilia and walk through the tunnel. Guests can also see the VIP room, visit the press room and sit in the dugout. 

The guided tour lasts for around 70 minutes, plus you’ll need time to explore the museum and browse the gift shop. Tours take place daily, excluding match days. You’ll also be given a personalised certificate to take home as a souvenir. 

⚽️ Click to book this tour

Manchester City stadium and museum tour

The Etihad Football ground.
The Etihad
  • Location: Etihad Stadium, Manchester
  • Duration: 1.5 hours+
  • What’s included: Stadium tour, museum entry, 10% CityStore discount
  • What’s not included: Food & drinks

Any die-hard Man City fan would truly appreciate the chance to see the Etihad stadium from an insider’s perspective.

This tour takes in areas like the tunnel, post-match interview area, home and away dressing rooms, press conference room and the side of the pitch.

Tours do take place here on match days, so do bear in mind that your itinerary may be altered to fit in with this. During the tour you’ll learn all sorts of fascinating facts about the club as well as seeing one of the most advanced stadiums in the world. 

⚽️ Click to book this tour

Liverpool stadium and museum tour

Anfield Football ground.
Anfield Football ground.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours+
  • What’s included: Guided stadium tour, LFC story entry, souvenir headphones
  • What’s not included: Pitch access

Anfield is the home of Liverpool’s mightiest football club (and in fact is not located far from Everton, the city’s other notable football club).

During this tour you can visit the Main Stand, touch the ‘This is Anfield’ sign, walk down the new tunnel and see inside the brand new home team dressing room.

You’ll have access to both live and audio guides throughout and even get a pair of Liverpool FC headphones as a souvenir. A ticket includes access to The LFC Story too, so you can learn all about the history of this club from northwest England. 

⚽️ Click to book this tour

Arsenal stadium and museum tour

  • Location: Emirates Stadium, London
  • Duration: 1.5 hours+
  • What’s included: Guided stadium tour, museum entry, souvenir headphones
  • What’s not included: Meals, drinks, transport or extras

Visit North London and you can see inside the Emirates stadium, home to the famous Arsenal football club. The Arsenal museum brings the history and victories of the club to life, and you can also sit in the dressing room or dugout during your visit.

A personalised certificate and headphones are yours to take away at the end, and there’s an eatery on-site where you can stop before or after the tour to fill up on food and drinks.

You can also pick up branded items at the Armoury Store, which make great gifts for fellow football fans. The interactive exhibits and two theatres at the museum are also very impressive. 

A tour of the Emirates Stadium (plus Wembley Stadium and Chelsea FC options too) is included in the London Pass – worth checking out if you plan to see lots of London’s top attractions too)

⚽️ Click to book this tour

Buying Premier League Tickets in England – FAQs

A man standing at Anfield Football ground.
A smug Doug at Anfield!

Where can I buy Premier League tickets?

Stick with the advice of the EPL and only ever buy tickets from a club’s ticket office or website, or via their authorised partners. All clubs will be able to provide a list of these.

Never buy tickets from unauthorised sources – or ticket touts as they’re locally known. These could be fake or may never materialise at all, and could cost astronomical amounts. They may also place you on the rivals’ side of the stadium, which is not the best place to be. 

Can you buy Premier League tickets without being a member?

It is very difficult, with many top level English clubs, to get hold of tickets if you’re not a member. But it doesn’t hurt to ask around, and enquire with the club themselves. 

This membership requirement does of course make the clubs more money, and also helps them to keep track of the fan base – and on top of demand. 

How much do Premier League tickets cost?

You can expect Premier League tickets to cost around £100 sterling each – or more. This is around USD $120. Membership is often required to secure seats, and this also comes at a considerable cost per season. 

A hospitality package with other elements such as food and drinks, parking or souvenirs may cost more than this. For a bucket-list experience, though, many fans consider this money well spent. 

Why is it so hard to buy Premier League tickets?

The demand for Premier League tickets outstrips supply, it’s as simple as that. Even the latest and biggest new stadiums cannot provide enough seats for every fan who wants to see their team play live. 

The closer to the match it gets, the more difficult this becomes. And it’s even more challenging when two big name teams are on the bill – such as Man City vs Man United, for instance. 

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How will you experience Premier League football in England?

The reality is that you might get lucky and secure seats to a really exciting match – but you may well not be so fortunate. Planning early and considering the alternatives well in advance is the best tactic, then at least you may have some chance of seeing the stadium and museum if not the players in action. 

Buying a hospitality package (from an authorised source) or a stadium tour may well be your best bet if you want to at least see inside the world of English Premier League football and learn about their history.

You might pick up some really cool souvenirs to take home too!