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Episode 39 – Explore Northumberland with Marc of Northumberland Tours

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In episode 39 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, we chat with Marc from Northumberland Tours about all of the things you can do on your visit to Northumberland. We cover historic sights, wildlife, weather and so much more.

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Episode 39 – Show Notes

Exploring Northumberland England with Marc of Northumberland Tours

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What you can expect to see at the Farne Islands
  • The importance of checking tide times for visits to Holy Island/Lindisfarne Castle
  • How many stunning castles there are to explore in Northumberland
  • What weather to expect in Northumberland
  • How Northumberland is so much more than just Alnwick Castle
  • Why Northumberland should be on your travel itinerary

Places mentioned in this episode include

  • Alnwick Castle >> The iconic filming location for Harry Potter, Downton Abbey and more
  • Holy Island >> A tidal island off the north east coast of England where you will find Lindisfarne Castle
  • Bamburgh Castle >> A medieval castle dating back to the 11th century that overlooks the North Sea
  • Warkworth Castle >> A ruined medieval castle overlooking the river River Coquet 
  • Farne Islands >> A group of 15 – 20 islands off the coast of Northumberland which are worth a visit for wildlife spotting 
  • Segedunum Museum Wallsend >> Visit this site that was built to guard the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall and see the excavated fort and buildings 
  • Sycamore Gap >> One of the most photographed spots in the country! 
  • Housesteads Roman Fort >> Set on an escarpment on Hardian’s Wall, Housesteads Roman Fort gives you the opportunity to explore the remains of this ancient fortress
  • Vindolanda >> Explore the excavated remains of this fort and enjoy the museum to learn about the important artefacts found there 
  • Dunstanburgh Castle >> Sitting in a dramatic coastal position, this is a magnificent example of an early 14th century castle 
  • Linhope Spout >> A spectacular waterfall that plunges 18m down the rock face
  • Crammell Linn >> A pretty double waterfall where a rock splits the flow of water down the cliffside

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