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Episode 75 – Exploring the UK by Rail: Trip Report with Wes Wetherell

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In episode 75 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast Tracy and Doug Collins chat with guest Wes Wetherell about his UK rail trips around the UK.

Wes shares his experience planning and navigating multiple train lines, as well as visiting charming villages and exploring the beautiful countryside. Join us as we dive into the intricacies of UK travel by rail and discover the hidden gems that await you on your own UK adventure.

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Episode 75 – Show Notes

Exploring the UK by Rail: Trip Report with Wes Wetherell

  • In this episode, Doug chats with Wes Wetherell a former lawyer from Chicago, Illinois
  • Wes has visited the UK multiple times since 2002 for business and personal trips and has recently taken two rail trips in 2022 and 2023 with itinerary consults from Tracy and Doug.
  • During both trips, Wes visited the village of Wetherell in the northwest of England, which has a family connection for him.
  • Wes initially thought he knew how to plan his trips but realized he needed help with logistics and interpreting train strikes and joined the UK Travel Planning Facebook group and found resources like books and guides to help with his planning.
  • He highlights the difference between planning day trips and planning a multi-train trip around the country or to rural areas.
  • Wes stresses the importance of good planning and having access to resources and support when encountering problems during travel.

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