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Episode 12 – Driving in the UK: Prepare for your trip with Tripiamo

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Are you planning a trip to the UK and considering driving for part of your vacation? Perhaps you listened to our previous podcast episode 10 about driving the North Coast 500 in Scotland and dream of taking a road trip of your own around the UK?

BUT are you feeling stressed and nervous about the thought of driving in an unfamiliar environment and perhaps on the opposite side of the road from what you are used to? We know that this is a huge source of anxiety for many of you considering driving in the UK and is often raised in emails or in the UK Travel Planning Facebook community.

Well, this is the episode for you! In this episode, I am joined by John Cortese founder of Tripiamo which aims to help North Americans understand how to get around safely no matter where they are in the world including what you need to know to stay safe if you are planning to drive in the UK.

After listening to this podcast you will understand how Tripiamo’s guides can prepare you for your trip and help allay your fears and stresses about driving in the UK.

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Episode 12 Show Notes – Preparing to drive in the UK with Tripiamo

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • What Tripiamo is and why John started the company
  • The various modes of transport Tripiamo’s guides cover with a particular focus on driving around the UK
  • The various methods used in Tripiamo’s guides to teach and prepare for driving in the UK include expert tutorial videos, 360-degree instructor-led tours, and cheat sheets.
  • How to access the guides
  • How long you have access to the guides once purchased
  • What countries the guides cover at present and what plans Tripiamo have to cover other European countries
  • John’s number one tip for anyone planning to visit the UK for the first time

A transcript of this episode is available to read – click here to download a PDF version.

Driving in the UK
Lots of UK road signs discussed in episode 12 of the UK Travel planning podcast.
Driving in the UK 1

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