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Episode 42 – Discovering the treasures of Far North Scotland with North Coast Explorer Tours

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In episode 42 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, we chat again with Sally-Ann who co-founded tour company North Coast Explorer Tours with her husband, Robert. We talk about their favourite places for scenery, history, food, wildlife and beaches in Far North Scotland.

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Episode 42 – Show Notes

Discovering the treasures of Far North Scotland with North Coast Explorer Tours

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Sally-Ann and her husband Robert’s favourite places in Far North Scotland for scenery, history, food, wildlife and beaches.
  • Hidden places you might miss if you didn’t know they were there
  • Worthwhile places to visit that often aren’t on people’s travel itineraries
  • Personalised recommendations from a local

Places mentioned in this episode include

  • Duncansby Stacks >> Towering sea stacks just off the shore of Duncansby Head
  • Castle Varrich at Tongue >> A ruined castle offering excellent views
  • Flow Country >> The Flow Country is a vast expanse of blanket bog in the North of Scotland
  • Kylesku >> A small fishing hamlet. Stay at the Kylesku Hotel *add affiliate link
  • Wailing Widow Falls >> A beautiful 50 ft waterfall
  • Achavanich >> A megalithic horse-shoe shaped structure where 54 stones remain. Find out more about how Ava, the lady who was buried there, has been recreated through reconstructive techniques here 
  • Am Ploc Church >> A stunning natural amphitheatre 
  • Balnakeil Bay >> A beautiful bay with white sand dunes
  • Hidden Beach >> You’ll need to take a tour with North Coast Explorer Tours to discover this one!

⭐️ A PDF transcript of this episode is available to download here

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Boat tours recommended by Sally-Ann:

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