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Episode 62 – Uncover the Charm of Winter in the Cotswolds with Victoria of Cotswold Teacup Tours

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Ready to explore a winter wonderland? Episode 62 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast promises to transport you to the winter wonderland of the Cotswolds, guided by the charming Victoria of Cotswold Teacup Tours. 

Experience the cosy atmosphere of quaint pubs, explore hidden gems, and revel in the joy of twinkling Christmas decorations while enjoying the quieter pace of this enchanting region during winter. Victoria shares her top destinations and practical tips, from dressing for the weather to being mindful of the limited daylight hours. 

Get ready to put on your warm winter clothes and join us on this picturesque journey. Victoria’s intimate knowledge of the Cotswolds and her love for the winter season shines through as she shares her favourite walking routes and special shopping experiences. 

She also highlights the benefits of visiting the Cotswolds during the less crowded winter months. Plus, find out how you can join Victoria on her tours and support local businesses in the process. 

Arm yourself with all the information you need for a magical winter trip to the Cotswolds. So, are you ready to feel the winter chill in the air and the warmth of the Cotswolds in your heart? Let’s go!

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Episode 62 – Show Notes

Episode 62 – Uncover the Charm of Winter in the Cotswolds with Victoria of Cotswolds Teacup Tours

Places mentioned in this episode include

  • Some of Victoria’s favourite Cotswolds villages including Burford, Bibury and Bourton on the Water
  • The Mousetrap Inn (Bourton on the Water)
  • Stow in the Wold chocolate shop

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Useful resources

  • Episode # 33 A Virtual Cuppa with Victoria of Cotswold Teacup Tours

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