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Episode 97 – Easy day trips from London by train (Part 2)

In episode 97 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, Tracy and Doug discuss easy day trips from London by train, focusing on destinations like Portsmouth, Winchester, Salisbury (for Stonehenge), Bath, and Oxford.

They cover the best train stations to depart from, estimated travel times, and what to look forward to at each destination. They emphasize the ease of these train journeys and how they are within a 2-hour (ish) range from London, making them perfect for a day trip.

Whether you’re a history buff, a fan of architecture, or just want to experience beautiful cities, this episode provides valuable insight into planning your day trips from London. They also touch on the possibility of a day trip to Paris and provide resources for further information.

So sit back, relax, and join Tracy and Doug as they guide you through these wonderful day trip options for your UK travels!

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Episode 97 – Show Notes

Easy day trips from London by train (Part 2)

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Easy Day Trips from London by Train (Part 2)
    • Recap of the previous episode (Part 1) covering the first five day trip destinations
  • Focus on easy day trips from South London, west and northwest of the city
  • Portsmouth
    • Train stations from London to reach Portsmouth
    • Estimated travel time
    • Excitement generated after the previous episode about Portsmouth
    • Accessibility and things to see and do in Portsmouth
  • Winchester
    • Train stations from London to reach Winchester
    • Estimated travel time
    • Highlights of the city including history and Jane Austen-related significance
    • Accessibility to key attractions like the cathedral
  • Salisbury and Stonehenge
    • Train station and travel time from London to Salisbury
    • Option to visit Stonehenge from Salisbury via a tour company
    • Mention of easy train journey from Bath to Salisbury too
  • Windsor (upcoming dedicated episode)
    • Hint about a future episode focused exclusively on Windsor
    • Omission of details about Windsor in this episode, prompting listeners to look forward to the dedicated episode
  • Bath
    • Ease of access to Bath from London via train
    • Reference to specific guides and itineraries for visiting Bath
    • Favorite things to see and experience in Bath, including the Roman Baths and Sally Lunn’s
  • Oxford
    • Train stations from London to reach Oxford
    • Short walk from the station to the city center
    • Recommendation for guided tours, especially for specific attractions like the Bodleian Library
  • Future Episode and Additional Destinations
    • Mention of potential future episodes covering other destinations like Liverpool, Birmingham, Chester, and Manchester
    • Emphasis on the most popular and frequently inquired about destinations for first-time visitors to London
  • Train Travel Tips
    • Encouragement to gain confidence with train travel for more exploration
    • Practical advice to carry drinks and snacks when traveling by train
    • Mention of the UK train travel guide as a valuable resource
  • Bonus: Day Trip to Paris
    • Possibility of a day trip to Paris from London via the Eurostar
    • Time and station details for the London to Paris journey
    • Suggestion to listen to episode 72 for a detailed discussion about the pros and cons of the day trip to Paris
  • Conclusion
    • Recap of 10 easy day trips from London by train
    • Reference to a bonus 11th day trip possibility – London to Paris on the Eurostar
    • Reminder about the availability of additional resources and articles related to the discussed topics
    • Prompts for further exploration on the UK Travel Plan website
    • Conclusion and well-wishing for happy UK travel planning

Places mentioned in this episode include

Click here to download a PDF Transcript of Episode 97

Useful resources

  • Episode 96 – 10 Easy day trips from London by train (Part 1)

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