Welcome to our Scotland Accommodation Guide. Discover our selection of the best hotels, apartments, self catering accommodation, holiday cottages and even castles in Scotland. We have included options for all budgets and travel styles.

Accommodation in Scotland

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Resources to help you plan your trip to Scotland

I have so many fabulous resources to help you plan your Scottish holiday. My suggestion is to follow these 3 steps.

  1. Join my free Facebook group – meet like minded travelers all planning their UK adventures (or sharing their experiences of traveling around the UK)
  2. Download my free resources – 50+ essential tips to know before you visit Scotland.
  3. Check out my UK travel planning guide and my Scotland travel guide for more practical tips, advice and inspiration.
  4. My best booking sites for UK travel is a great place to start when planning your trip.
  5. Looking for accommodation options in England too? Check out my curated list of the best English properties (including cosy cottages and fairytale castles) and my London accommodation guide

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Find more inspiration for your travels in my Scotland Travel Guide which includes information about what to see, where to stay, how to get around, travel tips, recommended reading and more to make the most of your trip.