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Episode 64 – Introduction to Expedition Yorkshire with Andrew Ward

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In episode 64 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast Tracy is joined by guest Andy Ward, the founder of Expedition Yorkshire. Andy shares his background in various tour formats and the effects of the pandemic on his career. He explains his motivation for starting Expedition Yorkshire and the high-quality private tours they offer.

Andy discusses their popular tours, including the Whitby Moor, Coast and Cliff Tour; the Yorkshire Dales Tour Fell, Valley and Castle Tour; and the York to Edinburgh Transfer Tour. Tracy and Andy also highlight the unique experience of exploring beautiful landscapes and sites in Yorkshire and beyond with Expedition Yorkshire.

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Episode 64 – Show Notes

Introduction to Expedition Yorkshire with Andrew Ward

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Andy starts the episode by sharing his background and motivation for starting Expedition Yorkshire.
  • He then talks about his experience working in various tour formats and how the pandemic led him to start his own tour company in Yorkshire.
  • Andy shares the tours offered by Expedition Yorkshire including the Whitby Moor, Coast and Cliff Tour; the Yorkshire Dales Fell, Valley and Castle Tour; and the York to Edinburgh Transfer Tour.
  • Tracy mentions how the remake of the UK TV show All Creatures Great and Small is very popular and has stimulated interest in visiting film locations of the show in Yorkshire.
  • Andy explains the appeal of the York to Edinburgh tour, highlighting the opportunity to experience the landscapes and attractions along the way compared to a faster train journey.
  • Tracy mentions her home county of Northumberland and its hidden beauty which is included in the the York to Edinburgh transfer tour.
  • Andy talks about the convenience and immersive experience of taking a private guided tour with Expedition Yorkshire.

Places mentioned in this episode include

  • Whitby >> is a picturesque coastal town known for its historic abbey and association with Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
  • Yorkshire Moors >> is a vast and rugged expanse of natural beauty, characterized by heather-covered hills and a sense of wildness.
  • Yorkshire Dales >> is a charming rural region of rolling hills and limestone valleys, offering stunning landscapes and outdoor activities.
  • York >> is an ancient city with Roman roots and a stunning Gothic cathedral, York Minster, at its heart.
  • Castle Howard >> is a magnificent stately home surrounded by lush gardens, located in North Yorkshire.
  • Chatsworth >> is an elegant stately residence set in the scenic Derbyshire Dales, renowned for its art collection and landscaped grounds.
  • Silverston >> is a renowned racetrack and home to the British Grand Prix, making it a mecca for motorsports enthusiasts.

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