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17 Best apps for London and UK Travel

If you want to find the best London apps and great apps for UK travel, this guide lists 17 of the finest. Whether you need the best app for London transport or want to find a great vegan restaurant nearby, these apps will make life on the go so much simpler.

From the cheapest train or theatre tickets to the closest public toilet facilities or a great deal on a hotel room, accessing the best London travel app can help you pin them all down – and many even work while you’re off-grid too.

If easy access to live transport updates and route planners for walking, hiking, cycling and mountain biking appeal to you, then don’t miss this quick reference guide to all the top apps for UK travel.

The following apps for London and the UK can also help you check the weather forecast at your destination, find an accessible route, choose an attraction to visit or tour to take and even transfer cash as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible. 

Read on to discover all the best London apps and top UK travel tips.

Not sure about how to use your mobile phone in the UK? Read our complete guide to the options available for accessing Wifi during your trip.


17 of the best apps for London and UK travel apps

Best Transport Apps

CityMapper App


The Citymapper App describes itself as meeting all your transport needs on one app. Indeed the app will give you step-by-step directions for getting around by bike, public transport, car share, scooter and on foot. The perfect app to help you navigate London.

The CityMapper London app can also compare prices via partners such as Uber and Santander Cycles (for-hire bikes) and let you see live waiting times for trains, buses and trams. 

You can even select the ‘main roads’ option to ensure your way is well-lit at night, as well as sharing your journey details and your ETA with friends. 

The Citymapper app is a must-have if you are planning a London trip!

Google Maps

We all use Google Maps, and their coverage of the UK is pretty much unrivalled. You also use this app for satellite navigation, making sure you can find your way anywhere in the land. The app will also pinpoint the most efficient route to take.

Real time live updates mean you can keep ahead when it comes to road conditions and closures, as well as public transport times. With Live View, you can always see exactly where you are too, while Street View lets you look around at any area.

There are even offline maps for when you’re without a WiFi connection. Definitely one of the best apps out there!

TfL Go: Live Tube, Bus & Rail

TfL 2
TfL 1
TfL 3

Navigating the London Transport system isn’t always easy for beginners, but the official Transport for London app will give you a good head start. It will also help you find the nearest toilets. 

The best app for London buses, trams and trains can keep you updated regarding overground and DLR (Docklands Light Railway) trains, and the route planner can also be used to plan cycling and walking routes.

A great feature of the best London tube app is the step-free tube map, which is ideal for anyone using a wheelchair, buggy or mobility scooter. You can switch to the step-free option at any time while using it.

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1


TrainLine 2
TrainLine 1
TrainLine 3

Popular across the whole of Europe, the Trainline app works just as well for coach travel as it does for rail.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s simple to compare fares, find discounts and book your travel all in one place. 

The Trainline app also shows live information, and can also help you skip the queues and locate a carriage with vacant seats.  

Planning to travel the UK by train? Our Essential Guide to UK Train Travel contains everything you need to know to plan your rail adventure including 12 done-for-you itineraries plus practical tips, information and resources to remove the stress from planning your trip.

National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries one of the best apps for London.
National Rail Enquiries one of the best apps for London.
National Rail Enquiries one of the best apps for London.
National Rail Enquiries one of the best apps for London.

Savvy Brits have trusted National Rail Enquiries for decades to get them from A to B, and this useful public transport app also gives you the latest train info for the London Underground. 

The free app will allow you to plan rail journeys, see timetables, track trains and even save frequent journey or station details. 

A clever feature is the pin that you can add to a map, from then on tracking its progress. You can also set up alerts so you’ll be the first to know about any disruption to services.

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1


Foodie app 4
Foodie app 6 1
Foodie app 5
Foodie app 7 1

Parkopedia is an excellent app for those of you planning to drive in the UK. It gives a list of car parking by city, place or postcode.

It is possible to search by price, distance, rating and availability.

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1

Best apps for London and UK tickets and tours

Get Your Guide


Using Get Your Guide is the easy way to find out about all the top sights to see and things to do while you’re in the UK. 

You can even book tickets via Get Your Guide to avoid queuing at popular attractions, which is potentially a huge time saver. 

The app will also pinpoint the highest rated activities, tours and attractions so you can make the most of every moment – and offers flexible cancellations too should your plans change.

London Theatre Direct


Seeing a West End show is a must for many when in London, and London Theatre Direct can ensure you do this as cheaply as possible. You can also book last-minute tickets and purchase tickets in app.

In fact tickets can be purchased up to an hour before showtime, and can be collected there at the theatre. The app is also user-friendly and fully secure. 

National Trust 

National Trust 2
National Trust 3

The National Trust (NT) is a British institution, and their app gives you easy access to the abundance of historic, cultural and natural sights the country is famous for.

From city to coast to countryside, the NT app will allow you to discover some very special places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

You can even search when off grid, and browse current or future events. Audio files, maps and  trails can also be downloaded to help make the most of your visits. 

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1

Practical apps for London and UK travel


Wise card UK currency

Formerly known as Transferwise, the Wise app is adored by those who regularly receive or send international payments, as its fees are far lower than those charged by competitors.

It’s not only the lower fees that will save you cash – the exchange rates are far more favourable too. You can even order a Wise debit card to pay directly from your account.

We use our Wise debit card when we travel as we have found it one of the cheapest ways to pay around the world – it lets you send and spend money at the real exchange rate avoiding fees or exchange rates charged by ATM machines.

The card is accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted and can hold multiple currencies (on our last trip we had Australian $, Hong Kong $, UK £ and Euros € on our card. On our return, we simply converted all our currencies into $ and deposited the total back into our bank account.

Met Office

Weather app
Weather app 1 1

Brought to you by the UK’s official weather department, the Met Office app gives users the latest and most up-to-date weather forecasts around. 

You can check the forecast from an hour to a week in advance, and the app will also alert you to any Severe Weather Warnings that could affect your travel plans. We recommend checking the weather the week before you arrive so you can adjust your packing accordingly!

There is also an interactive rain map so you can see the likelihood of rainfall – something that’s frequently important in the often wet British Isles!

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1


Toilet app Flush 1
Toilet app Flush

Why Flush? Because it’s the quickest and easiest way to find the nearest public toilet! Which isn’t always simple when you’re in a strange city, especially as they’re not that often signposted.

The app can also let you know if there is any charge to use the bathroom or whether it has disabled access. If this is the case, it can also tell you whether a key is required.

Users can also help improve the app by rating the facilities and adding new ones they come across to Flush’s list.

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1

Best UK and London App for accommodation 

Booking 3
Booking 2

Even when you make last-minute plans, the app can come to the rescue by helping you book a great value and highly rated place to stay.

The interface allows you to search in the way that suits you – whether that’s by name, location or a nearby attraction. 

Free cancellation is often included, and the app also gives you access to a range of daily deals across all price levels. 

Best UK apps for outdoor adventure

All Trails

All Trails App
All Trails App 1

With its mild climate and varied landscape, the UK is a great destination for lovers of outdoor life, and the All Trails app will help you make the most of this.

This travel and fitness app is ideal for activities such as walking, hiking, climbing, biking and even winter sports.

The trail maps are great and even include images and reviews from other real life app users.  

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1


Kamoot App
Kamoot App 1

Active UK residents love Kamoot, because it makes route planning so much simpler. Whether you want to walk, cycle or hike the city streets or off-road terrain, Kamoot will help you find the right roads, paths or trails to follow. 

The voice navigation feature is ideal for when you’re not in a position to keep checking the screen, such as in busy places or when cycling. 

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1

Best London and UK apps for foodies

Happy Cow 

Foodie app 2
Foodie app 3

Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian – or simply a committed carnivore with a craving for a healthy meal – the Happy Cow app will help you track down a great place to chow down on nutritious, delicious food.

As well as cafes and restaurants, the app will also help you find local food markets, grocery stores and health food shops.

The Happy Cow community is also a great place to share images, reviews and advice with fellow app users. 

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1


Foodie app
Foodie app 1

Not sure where’s good to eat during your UK stay? Opentable will help you find all the hidden foodie gems, wherever you are.

With this free app you can take advantage of special deals and discounts, check out the menus and see other people’s reviews and recommendations before booking a table.

An RSVP invite can even be sent to your friends, directly from the Opentable app. 

App store and google play 200 x 100
App store and google play 200 x 100 px 1


Which are the best London apps and UK travel apps for you?

Whether you’re more interested in where to stay and eat, what to do in London or how to plan your travel via the likes of a London bus app or London tube map app, I hope this guide has helped you decide which apps to download for your trip to this fabulous destination.

Our top 3 choices of London apps are

  1. The Citymapper App
  2. National Rail Enquiries
  3. Met Office

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