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Episode 100 – Celebrating 100 Episodes: A Special Edition of UK Travel Planning Podcast

Welcome to Episode 100 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast! In this celebratory episode, host Tracy Collins is joined by a lineup of special guests from around the world.

Listeners share their favourite episodes and how the podcast has influenced their travel planning, showcasing the impact of the show.

From inspiring trips to providing practical tips, the podcast has become a valuable resource for travellers. Join us as we reflect on the growth of the podcast and hear from dedicated listeners about their experiences and feedback.

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Episode 100 – Show Notes

Timestamped overview

  • 00:00 Special episode features listeners from around world.
  • 05:26 Enjoyed Tower of London tour, history important.
  • 08:21 Podcast seeks listener input for episode ideas.
  • 11:53 Enjoying seeing and impacting listeners worldwide.
  • 13:05 Engaging podcast inspired detailed wedding planning notes.
  • 19:11 Excited for first international trip planning.
  • 22:50 Enjoying variety of people sharing travel experiences.
  • 25:39 Meeting Dami and local guides shaped travel plans.
  • 27:56 Discovering new ideas and places ignites excitement.
  • 31:48 Researched UK travel plans using Google.
  • 36:28 Enjoyed talking about coffee, had some laughs.
  • 37:18 Enjoyed a memorable cup of coffee.
  • 41:31 Grateful for episode feedback, excited for future.

People and places mentioned in this episode include

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Favourite episodes mentioned in this podcast

  • Episode 3 – York with Sinead
  • Episode 20 – Introduction to the Cotswolds with Victoria
  • Episode 29 – Stay in George Harrison Beatles home
  • Episode 11 – Tripiamo for learning to drive in the UK
  • Episode 92 – Introduction to Portsmouth
  • Episode 7 – “14 things you never knew about England” episode
  • Episode 77 – Christmas in London episode
  • Episode 2 – Introduction to UK Train Travel
  • Episode 16 – Photoshoot in London with Domi of Scalens Studio

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