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Episode 26 – London to Edinburgh by train: How to plan & make the most of your journey

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In episode 26 of the UK Travel Planning podcast, we discuss the various train routes available between London and Edinburgh.

Learn about the various options you have to travel by train between London and Edinburgh plus suggested places to stop off along the way. We share how it is possible to spend a few hours in York (plus what to do with luggage) and what you can do and see in the city. Durham and Newcastle are also discussed as possible places to alight the train for a few hours before continuing to Edinburgh.

We share some tips about what to look out for along the route north of Durham and also where to sit on the train for the best views of the Northumberland Coast.

Various ticket and pass options are discussed including the BritRail pass and Global Eurail Pass.

Train route options back to London are covered too including which major cities through which each route passes. Learn about the various trains that operate on these lines including the Caledonian Sleeper Service and Lumo service.

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So, plug in your headphones and prepare to ace your London trip planning!

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Episode 26 – Show Notes

London to Edinburgh by train: How to plan & make the most of your journey

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • The names of the different train routes between London and Edinburgh
    • East Coast Mainline
    • West Coast Mainline
    • Cross Country
  • Places to consider stopping off on the route from London to Edinburgh on the East Coast Mainline
    • York
    • Durham
    • Newcastle
  • Places along the route from Edinburgh to London on the West Coast Mainline
    • Glasgow
    • Carlisle
    • Liverpool
    • Manchester
    • Birmingham
  • Places along the Cross Country Route from Edinburgh to London
    • Doncaster
    • Sheffield
    • Derby
    • Birmingham
    • London St Pancras
  • The Caledonian Sleeper service
  • The Lumo train service
  • Tips to make the most of your trip – where to sit on the train for the best views north of Newcastle
  • Recommended app – National Rail Enquiries

Places mentioned in this episode include (as above)

  • York >> Historic city famous for Roman and Viking legacies and Minster.
  • Durham >> Historic cathedral city in northern England
  • Edinburgh >> Scotland’s capital city
  • Newcastle
    • Quayside >> Head to the Quayside for bars, restaurants and cafes
    • Centre for Life >> Science centre full of exhibitions, activities and events for all the family
  • The Angel of the North >> Anthony Gormley sculpture located in Gateshead.
  • Fort William >> Town at the foot of Ben Nevis and the gateway to the Scottish Highlands.
Graphic of updated UK Train Guide
Lumo train.
Lumo Train
York train station.
York Train Station
Episode 26 of the UK Travel Planning podcast looks at how to get from London to Edinburgh Waverley as shown in this image.
Edinburgh Waverley Train Station

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