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Episode 67 – Visiting London: 15 things to know to make the most of your trip

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Welcome to episode 67 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast a treasure trove of insights on how to amp up your London adventure.

Get ready to navigate the bustling city’s diverse offerings, from museums to food and drinks, and get practical advice on how to get around the city and plan flexible itineraries. You’ll grasp the art of crafting a trip that caters to your interests without triggering the stress of planning.

And guess what, you’re not alone in this journey! We provide a variety of resources to streamline your UK travel planning. Our travel guide and itinerary eBooks, podcast episodes, and an engaging Facebook group act as your travel companions.

Plus, glean tips from fellow travellers like Cheryl Ridpath-Conway and Rob Bruns, who have shared their family trip experiences in previous episodes.

And here’s a cherry on top, an exclusive discount code UKTPPODCAST to get US$10 off our essential London guide and itinerary planner eBook.

So, plug in your headphones and prepare to ace your London trip planning!

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Episode 67 – Show Notes

  • Tracy introduces the episode on visiting London and shares her expertise on the topic.
  • She recommends using the resources provided by the UK Travel Planning podcast and website, as well as the London Travel Planning website for information and tips on visiting London.
  • Tracy highlights specific podcast episodes that discuss London, including episode 54 which covers her top 10 experiences in the city.
  • She also mentions the essential guide and itinerary ebook available for purchase, which provides a comprehensive guide to planning a trip to London.
  • Tracy advises against overplanning and suggests focusing on your interests and prioritizing the attractions or activities you really want to experience.
  • She recommends grouping attractions together based on their locations to maximize your time and efficiency.
  • Tracy mentions that London offers free attractions such as the Sky Garden, art galleries, museums, and the Changing of the Guard for budget-conscious travellers.
  • She emphasizes the importance of booking tickets and tours in advance, especially for popular attractions like the Sky Garden, to avoid missing out on availability.
  • Tracy offers a special discount code for podcast listeners to receive $10 off the essential guide and itinerary ebook.

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