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Episode 45 –  Tracy’s Trip Report 2 weeks in the UK 2023 update

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In episode 45 of the UK Travel Planning Podcast, the tables are turned! UK Travel Planning Founder Tracy is interviewed by her friend Karen to talk about her 2023 UK trip so far.

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Episode 45 – Show Notes

Tracy’s Trip Report – 2 Weeks in the UK 2023 Update

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Tracy has been up to over the last couple of weeks in the UK.
  • How Tracy is getting around the UK.
  • What types of accommodation Tracy has been staying in. 
  • Whether Tracy prefers using an Oyster Card or contactless.
  • The highlights of Tracy’s trip so far.
  • Tracy’s favourite UK foods. 
  • What’s the one thing Tracy wished she had packed.
  • How Tracy’s ‘cash challenge’ is going (how much change does she have left from the £60 she started with?)
  • What London is like right now (right before the coronation).

Places mentioned in this episode include

  • Lincoln a historic city with a stunning cathedral and medieval castle. 
  • Cambridge – a historic city that is home of a prestigious university. Tracy mentions Kings College Chapel and the Eagle pub.
  • LondonTracy mentions the London Eye, Covent Garden, Notting Hill, V&A (Cast Courts), Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Windsor Castle, changing of the guard, Fortnum and Mason, Ted Lasso Tour and Trooping of the Colour. London Hotels mentioned – Tracy stayed at Z Holborn and Park Plaza County Hall
  • Paris – Tracy will report back on her day tours in a future podcast. You can read more about Paris day tours on Tracy’s travel blog here.

⭐️ A PDF transcript of this episode is available to download here

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