If you are planning a future trip to the UK (or even live there) I am sure there are many landmarks and sites that you would like to visit.

With the technology available to us it is possible to engage in some virtual travel from the comfort of our own home – wherever that is in the world.

If you have a particular interest in London you will find that I have covered many of the most popular London bucket list attractions in my recent article 11 virtual tours of London’s museums and landmarks.

In this article I will take you outside of the capital on a virtual tour around some of the UK’s best known landmarks and sites.

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Famous UK landmarks


Located in the south west of England in the county of Wiltshire and near the cathedral city of Salisbury (and not far from the beautiful English city of Bath) Stonehenge is one of the most popular landmarks in the UK.

Over one and a half million visitors every year make their way to these famous prehistoric monuments. Stonehenge and nearby Avebury(henge) were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

The stones are cared for by English Heritage and the National Trust whose members receive free entry to the site.

The website is excellent and offers an interactive 360-degree virtual tour inside the stones. Alternatively, you can switch to Skyscape and enjoy a live view from within the stone circle. I found this interesting to look at both during the day and in the evening (for views of the night sky and rather eerie stones)


An image of Stonehenge one of the most well known and famous landmarks in the UK

The Roman Baths in Bath

The Romans built their famous baths over a series of hot springs in the place they called Aquae Sulis. That English city is of course familiar to us simply as “Bath.”

Exploring the Roman Baths is a given for many visitors to the city. Now you can take a virtual tour of the Sacred Spring, Roman Temple, Bath House and more through Google Street View.

The website is excellent and also has videos and links to a 3D model of the Roman Baths to explore. There are activities for children who may be interested to learn more about the Roman Baths.

Find out more in my guide to things to do in Bath.


An image of the Roman Baths lit up in the evening

St Ives Beach in Cornwall

Anyone who says the UK does not have beautiful beaches has not been to St Ives! Enjoy a panoramic 360 degree view of the beach and town.

This may not be an educational tour but it is a wonderful way to enjoy some of the beauty the UK has to offer.

Interested in visiting Cornwall? Read more in my Cornwall Travel Guide.


A picture of a red boat on a beach

Chatsworth House in Derbyshire

Located near the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire’s Peak District Chatsworth House is the residence of the Devonshire family.

The stately home is also familiar to many as one of the stars of the film (and TV version) of Pride and Prejudice.

The virtual 360 degree tour of both the gardens and the house is a wonderful way to discover this beautiful estate located in the East Midlands.


A picture of a large stately home in England

York Minster

If you (like me ) have visited York and only viewed the Minster’s exterior here is your opportunity to take a 360 degree tour of the interior!

If you want to learn more about York Minster the official website is highly recommended. There is an interactive map and some really interesting information about the building.

Did you know for example that the Central Tower of the Minster is tall enough to fit the Leaning Tower of Pisa inside? Or that in 1297 King Edward I used the Chapter House for his Parliament?

Take the virtual tour then pop over to the York Minster website to learn more.

Planning to visit York? My York Travel Guide contains everything you need to make the most of your trip.


A picture of York Minster spires one of the most famous landmarks in the UK

Hadrian’s Wall

The Romans didn’t just build baths, palaces and roads when they were ruling over Britannia they also build bloody long walls!

In an attempt to stop the marauding tribes from the north (now called Scotland!) attacking Roman soldiers Hadrian ordered a wall to be built.

That wall (called imaginatively Hadrian’s Wall) stretched for 84 miles from Bowness in Solway in the west to Wallsend (another imaginative name) in the county of Northumberland in the east.

That wall still exists today and is one of the most visited sites in Northern England.

Edinburgh Castle

One of the most popular castles to visit in Scotland is perched on an extinct volcano looking over the city of Edinburgh.

Firstly enjoy the fantastic views over Edinburgh and the castle in this short video produced by Visit Scotland.

Follow that up on a virtual tour around the castle itself. Certainly a great way to inspire you to start planning that trip to Edinburgh!


Loch Ness

A popular area for visitors to the Highlands of Scotland is Loch Ness.

Why not take a look for Nessie on this virtual tour of Loch Ness? The stunning Scottish loch famous for harbouring an elusive monster was mapped by google by divers using underwater cameras.

Why not take a look! If you see a monster do let us know….


A picture of Loch Ness in Scotland with snow on the mountains in the background

The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland was formed over 50 – 60 million years ago. This natural wonder consists of over 40,000 basalt columns created through a volcanic eruption.

There are 4 different virtual tours of the Giant’s Causeway available on the National Trust website. This is a great opportunity to check out Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Definitely something for your itinerary or UK bucket list and one of the top 10 things to do and see when you visit Northern Ireland.


A picture of the sea lapping onto rocks

St Paul’s Cathedral

And finally we have one bonus virtual tour involving a London landmark that I didn’t include in my virtual tours of London post – St Paul’s Cathedral.

Take the 360 degree panoramic tour of the inside of St Paul’s Cathedral. The shot was taken underneath the dome and gives viewers the chance to enjoy the Cathedral without the throngs of visitors normally blocking the view!


A picture of St Paul's Cathedral lit up at night one of the most famous landmarks in the UK

Enjoy your virtual tour of the UK!

Although we can’t actually visit these UK landmarks and sites at the moment we are lucky to have the ability to experience them on-line.

Make use of these amazing virtual tours to explore, discover and learn. I know that I for one will appreciate it that little bit more when I do have the opportunity to visit again.

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